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  • Bravo! Dried Beef Trachea

    Bravo! dry-roasted beef trachea are an ideal natural source of natural chondroitan and glucosamine. Bravo! high-quality beef trachea with natural chondroitan and glucosamine helps build and support cartilage, lubricate the joints, and helps with occasional joint stress due to exercise or physical activity. As the dog chews the trachea it also helps to naturally clean their teeth. Bravo! beef trachea can be quickly cut into the right length for your pet.

  • Bravo! Bully Sticks 6" to 7"

    Bravo! Bully Sticks are made from bulls, not steer parts, so they are noticeably larger and provide a long satisfying, healthy all-natural chew.

  • Bravo! Bully Sticks - 12"

    Bravo! Bully Sticks are made from bulls, not steer parts, so they are noticeably larger and provide a long satisfying, healthy all-natural chew.

  • Merrick The Sarge

    Manufacturer: Merrick

    Merrick is proud to introduce "The Sarge", the first in the elite M.O.A.B series. That's army talk for "Mother of All Bones". The Sarge has a big taste that is matched equally in size. This Smoked Meaty Beef Bone is equipped with Tendons, Beef Jerky, & Marrow. Dogs will run laps around the base all day just to sneak a peak at this bad boy. You better start stocking up your surplus of "The Sarge" before your dog goes awol. That's an order!

  • Merrick the Tank Meaty 10 Count

    Manufacturer: Merrick

    This bone is a sliced version of the knuckle bone and it is a nice size for medium to large size dogs. It still has the same robust smoked taste but without mass of the regular knuckle bone. It is a long lasting treat for the times that your dog just has to have a bone.

  • Merrick 12"+ The General Meaty 10 Count

    Manufacturer: Merrick

    In Texas, we just grow em’ bigger! We leave some beef on this bone as we process it. The results are an extra Texas beef jerky treat for your dog. This bone comes individually tagged with UPC which makes it easier to process in your store.

  • Merrick 7-9" General Panton National 15 Count

    Manufacturer: Merrick

    It doesn't take many ingredients to please a pup... in fact, this treat has the only one: Beef Bone. Merrick General Panton Natural beef bones are perfectly sized for medium to large breed dogs. No artificial coloring is used, so Rufus won't stain the hardwood floors if he slobbers when he snacks. Each Merrick Beef Bone provides days of chew-time.

  • Merrick 5" G.I. Bone

    Manufacturer: Merrick

    These beef bones are perfect for any dog in your life. We process these bones with meat still left on them which creates a natural beef jerky on the bone. Your dog gets two treats in one which will probably result in more kisses for you. These bones are long lasting and provide a great outlet to satisfy your pets desire to chew.

  • Smokehouse 12" Bully Sticks 60ct Shelf Display Box Shrink Wrapped with UPC

    What a great chew! Bully Sticks are one of our all time best sellers. Bully Sticks are a healthy, satisfying 100% natural chew. Our Bully Sticks are odor free and long lasting. We offer them in both 6.5" and 12" sizes to be sure you have the best size for your dog. Sure to become a favorite... never met a dog who didn't love 'em!